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Red Lobster's Malibu Hurricane Drink Recipe


Red Lobster's Malibu Hurricane Drink Recipe

If you enjoy tropical fruit-flavored drinks, these Red Lobster cocktails are your perfect match. Now, with the availability of these classic recipes online, you can savor them at home while saving money.

MyBartender focuses on the world of cocktail making mixology and tips for becoming a better bartender. Whether you are having fun at home or busy behind the bar of your local watering hole, we will supply you with the drink recipes to impress even the seasoned cocktail seeker.

It is hard to describe the mass appeal of the Tiki culture during the 1940s and 50s. The mish-mash of Cantonese cooking and idealized Pacific Islander culture took America by storm, and Tiki bars began cropping up all across the US. Bamboo decor, pseudo-Polynesian carvings, Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts-wearing waitresses, torches, and of course a kooky drink menu were de rigor at these Tiki-themed lounges. One of the most popular Tiki drinks of the day was the Mai Tai, a rum-based cocktail with plenty of tropical fruit juices. Although most Tiki bars have long since closed, the Mai Tai cocktail remains continually popular because it is both nostalgic and darn delicious. Try this Tiki Rum Mai Tai recipe the next time you want to get into the island spirit.

Mai Tais need a good shake to blend correctly. Fill a cocktail shaker with fresh ice and all the Mai Tai ingredients except the Bacardi Dark rum. Hold the shaker with one hand on the bottom and the other on top and shake horizontally for about 10 seconds. Strain the drink into a hurricane glass and garnish with a maraschino cherry and a pineapple spear.

This pretty drink can be made by mixing the ingredients together or it can be layered! The key to layering a drink recipe is to check the sugar content on each ingredient you are adding. The higher the sugar content, the heavier it is!

The three common ingredients between these two tropical drinks are rum, pineapple juice and cream of coconut. The Lava Flow recipe adds fresh strawberries and a banana capturing all the popular tropical flavors.

Yummy! I wonder if you call Beaches directly if they can get you a recipe Maybe the food and beverage director I recall that so many of the drinks were special creations made by the individual bartenders and didn't really have a recipe, LOL! 1e1e36bf2d


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