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Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith (B.Bus, Dip Fin, JP), is a multiple world fitness champion and a health and fitness expert with over two decades of experience. In Sydney, she is a well known personal trainer who is certified in over 14 fitness disciplines including Pilates, rehabilitation, Muay Thai kickboxing, freestyle group fitness and many Les Mills programs. She appears on TV as a health and fitness presenter and also endorses fitness products, her own and other brands.


Running a corporate health and wellness business for over 12 years, Wendy helps the community through her various group fitness and outdoor training classes. Her clientele includes major corporations such as Microsoft, IBM, Optus, Volvo, JP Morgan and Westpac, and has trained thousands of people including personal trainers, celebrities, corporate executives and elite international athletes.

Throughout her career, she has incorporated Pilates as part of her personal and client fitness training and is now sharing her secrets on unique postural alignment and core-strength Pilates principles in this book.

"You cannot lead someone somewhere that you have not been to before yourself"


Ms Fitness International

Ms Australasia

Ms South Pacific

Ms Australia


Ms Sydney

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