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The Disneyland Encyclopedia: The Unofficial, Unauthorized, And Unprecedented History Of Every Land, [REPACK]

"Strodder's love of Southern California's famous theme park shines in this essential reference book. . . . Complete in every way. . . fun to read. . . . Essential for a Disney collector." —Library Journal "At over 500 pages it's a grand collection of the history and trivia of Disneyland, all nicely organized with concise entries for just about everything that has been installed, exhibited, removed or considered for the Happiest Place on Earth." — "True to its title The Disneyland Encyclopedia documents the smallest snack cart, the shortest lived shows, the favorite restaurants and the beloved attractions inside the Disneyland Park from its 1955 opening. . . . It would be difficult to find any physical element of Disneyland that is not documented in the book's entries." — "The real achievement is having 57 years of Disneyland history in one book." — "His attention to detail shows and it is very important in a work of this caliber. . . . An indispensable tool for the Disneyland fan and researcher." —

The Disneyland Encyclopedia: The Unofficial, Unauthorized, and Unprecedented History of Every Land,




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