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Primavera P6 Product Key

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Please visit the Oracle Support Web Center at to obtain more information on the support services available from Oracle and to access My Oracle Support, the web-based support service for lower priority technical issues. The system will also provide you with installation assistance, product documentation, a technical solution knowledge base, and technical forums.

As of 2008 Primavera Systems supported long-established products - P3 and Sure-Trak - and the newer P6 version. The long-standing P3 product in its various forms was used by 25% of the heavy construction industry, its predominant customer base; the next most popular software was used by 11%.[4] Nearly 40% of general contractors with an annual revenue of $5M to $10M used Primavera P3. In comparison, the P6 version did not register in a CFMA 2008 survey of the United States construction industry. The P3 version to P6 version change is based in a move from DOS-type shortcut keys to mouse-based icons. Thus, a software application that was once very fast to use but grounded in shortcut functions (which some users found difficult to master) moved to a mouse-based application that is quick to learn but once mastered never achieves the same speed of use. The Primavera Project Planner DOS core launched in 1983[5] and the P3 Windows interface launched in 1994.[6]

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Developing and maintaining a balanced product portfolio that is aligned to the company strategy is key to the survival of product-based companies. Products are the source of revenue and therefore excellence in Product Portfolio Management is directly related to the value creation potential of the company.

Your product key was sent to you at the time of purchase to the email address you provided. If you cannot locate the email you can log in to your customer dashboard on the website and retrieve you key there.

This paper provides key insights into the changes that have occurred in Primavera P6 with the transition of the product into a web-centric environment and with the introduction of Primavera P6 Release 8.x.

Good day sir,Your post is highly beneficial nice job you are doing.Please my problem is that,If a resource who work 8hrs/d earn 20$/hr, the cost for one day will be 20$8hr= 120$. If this resource work 4days, the cost is suppose to be 120$ 4days= 480$ total cost of working in that activity and this represent normal situations. But it is not so with primavera, please help me out could it be settings And if you input the above data into your primavera software you will notice that the cost of this resource will be 3840$. My question is, is this normal If is normal then p6 is not efficient in terms of cost. But if this is not normal, please help out what should i do to correct this problem. Thanks so much.

Rules of Credit: Organizations should set guidelines for obtaining a measurement value for progress achieved, and this can be accomplished by using standard rules of credit. Rules of credit identify how much progress is taken on particular tasks depending on the nature of the task or product line being tracked. For example, in engineering, an organization may allot a 20% completion credit for piping stress calculations that have been initiated. For the same, a cumulative 75% completion may be credited once those calculations hav


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