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The Ultimate Marketing Plan: Target Your Audien...

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Throughout the book, Dan Kennedy also identifies 17 ultimate marketing secret weapons that need to be used, and 5 ultimate marketing sins that need to be avoided. At the end of the book, the author offers the reader a single form of all the steps that will help create the ultimate marketing plan.

For example, you can target your Snapchat ads to a lookalike audience. That means Snapchat helps you reach people who might be interested in your brand because of their similarity to other Snapchatters who are already interacting with your brand.

At the beginning of creating your marketing plan, think of the message you want to relay to your customers. The message should be easy to remember and promote and should represent your service, product, and overall business.

Be careful that your USP is visible to your customers (not only to you). Think of ways how you can make the message you want to relay easy to understand. If your marketing strategy confuses your customers, it will not do you any good.

People will not find your products appealing equally. In fact, every service of a product that you offer should target different population demographics or population segment. To be sure that your message is structured accordingly to your customers, define the demographic appeal of what you offer, before creating the message. You can target your market by dividing possible clients by geography, demographics or affiliation:

Give away a stable, reliable public image. Support it by relying on proper marketing messages, and reinforce it in each area of your business orientation. If you are in the retailing business, create a store design that strengthens your brand image you want to give away. Also, the store environment must push people towards buying.

Before we give out all the information and knowledge you need to create your winning marketing plan, let's start by giving you a FREE Digital Marketing Plan Template for 2023. This one is a great example of a marketing plan and looks snazzy too .

Marketing without focus can be very messy and super ineffective. The best tip we can give you is to focus on specific activities and have them done well. A digital marketing plan will help you focus on exactly the tasks that will impact your success.

There is no set length for an executive summary but it should cover all of the main elements of your marketing plan. It should also quickly tell your story and highlight what you are trying to achieve. Add your KPIs, marketing channels, strategy, and budget.

The best way to create target personas for any brand is by creating a customer journey map. A customer journey map is a visual representation of all the various touchpoints that your brand has with a prospective customer.

Pricing is often part of the market and competitive analysis sections but sometimes brands discuss it separately. It depends on how important price considerations are for your business and how competitive your market is. For example, if a major advantage in your business is that your product is priced significantly lower than your competition then a pricing strategy will play a key role in your marketing plan.

As you can see, there are a lot of different pricing strategies out there. Picking the right one for your business will depend on the previous steps in your marketing plan - the customer (or buyer) pain point, the market analysis, and the competitive analysis.

Much like marketing goals and KPIs, your budget planning depends on your business lifecycle stage (are you a startup or an established brand). Normally, startups invest more in gaining market share and acquiring new customers, whereas established brands would invest more in retention and reputation.

Each industry has a different marketing structure and consumer behavior, so your niche defines your marketing budget allocation as well. E-Commerce in a competitive niche like fashion, for example, will need ways to lower its CAC (customer-acquisition-cost) and upsell.

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