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Buy Bimini Top

Buy Bimini Top ===>

Buy Bimini Top

Carver bimini tops are available in 2-bow, 3-bow and 4-bow round tube, and 4-bow square tube to suit virtually any type of boat. Our detailed Fabrics guide explains the differences in materials available and length of warranty.

Our Find Your Cover Tool helps take the guesswork out of choosing the right part number for your bimini top. Over 30 years of developing patterns for a vast array of boat manufacturers and model years has enabled us to create the most comprehensive database of bimini tops for boats ranging from model year 1958 to present. We currently have over 17,000 pattern applications in a variety of fabrics and colors to give you the most extensive selection available anywhere

Add comfort to your time on the water by choosing the best bimini top for your boat. Bimini covers for boats add coverage, shade and protection from light rains to your helm while retaining air flow and visibility from the cockpit. Before you buy, make sure you measure your space and know what materials will suit your needs best. For help with selecting materials and measuring for your bimini top, see Selecting Your Bimini Boatop. West Marine offers complete bimini kits in a variety of styles; stainless steel and aluminum frames; fabric canopy replacements and boots, or covers to secure the bimini top when not in use.

From marine vinyl to specially coated and treated acrylic polyester, you will find the right bimini cover or extension for your boat at West Marine. The fabric used for the bimini top should be durable and UV-, mildew- and water-resistant so it can last season after season.

Buying bimini tops for boats should be easy, and it is if you know what you are getting. There are a few basic differences between a custom built bimini top and a retail or online version of a boat bimini top.

Price is the biggest difference that boaters notice when looking at the two different versions of bimini tops for boats, but there are also differences in materials, quality, fit and even thread.

You can get similar fabric choices in both custom and retail bimini tops for boats. Sunbrella is the fabric choice most people are familiar with, and it is available in both the custom and retail options.

I'm just going to go ahead and say that you should choose Sunbrella when buying retail bimini tops for boats. It's going to last longer, and it has the longest warranty. Avoid fabrics with three year warranties or less. At a custom shop, you will have far more excellent fabric choices. Some examples are: Weathermax 80, Top Notch 9, Stamoid, and more.

Bimini Straps are also worth mentioning. Retail bimini straps will most likely be polypropylene, and custom shops will use nylon, polyester, or acrylic. These are all better choices than polypropylene, and I have listed them in order of longevity.

Custom shops will make you a bimini top frame designed for your boat and you won't have to do a thing. A stainless steel frame is a better choice no matter where you buy as long as it is within your budget.

Online boat biminis most often come with plastic fittings. If you search really hard, you may find an upgrade to metal, but I have yet to see it. Plastic is weaker than metal, especially stainless steel. It also degrades in the sun. You can expect them to break and need replacing at some point.

If you do have the frame, any replacement bimini top you find online will not fit properly since it was designed for another frame. This leaves you with two choices. You could buy the frame and all, or you could have your bimini top cover custom made.

If you buy the frame and all online, then you will most likely have bought an inferior gauge of metal compared with what you already had. You will find that it will most likely be cheaper than having a custom bimini recover done on your old frame. This may be tempting, but keep in mind the inferior quality of the frame. If you need a frame, then just look carefully for size and gauge of the metal, fabric, a


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