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How to Use JTAG Manager for RIFF Box

How to Use JTAG Manager for RIFF Box

JTAG Manager is a software that allows you to control and update your RIFF Box, a device that can repair and revive various phones and tablets using JTAG interface. In this article, we will show you how to set up and use JTAG Manager for RIFF Box.

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What is RIFF Box?

RIFF Box is a hardware tool that can communicate with devices that have JTAG interface, such as phones, tablets, routers, modems, etc. It can perform various operations on these devices, such as reading and writing memory, flashing firmware, unlocking bootloader, repairing bootloaders, etc. RIFF Box can also support eMMC interface for some devices.

What is JTAG Manager?

JTAG Manager is a software that allows you to control and update your RIFF Box. It has various features, such as:

  • Checking for updates and downloading new firmware and DLL files for RIFF Box

  • Updating RIFF Box firmware and settings

  • Selecting and loading DLL files for different devices

  • Setting up connection parameters and voltage levels

  • Performing backup and restore operations on device memory

  • Flashing firmware and bootloaders on device

  • Repairing damaged bootloaders and partitions on device

  • Unlocking bootloader and security codes on device

  • Resurrecting dead or bricked devices

  • Logging and debugging operations

How to Set Up JTAG Manager for RIFF Box?

To set up JTAG Manager for RIFF Box, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download and install JTAG Manager from RIFF Box website. You can choose the install location according to your preference.[^1^]

  • Register a new account at Turbo Support. This is required for downloading updates and beta testing.[^1^]

  • Connect RIFF Box to your PC using a USB cable. Make sure you have installed the drivers for RIFF Box control port, update port, DCC USBLoader port, QUALCOMM QHUSB_DLOAD port, and NXP LPC Device USB port.[^1^]

  • Launch JTAG Manager software and open "Box Service" page. Click "Check for Updates" and select the files you want to download. You can also download the files manually from Turbo Support website.[^1^]

  • Update RIFF Box firmware to the latest version by clicking "Update Firmware" button.[^1^]

  • Select the DLL file for the device you want to work with by clicking "Select DLL" button. You can browse the DLL files by category or search by model name.[^1^]

  • Connect the device to RIFF Box using a 20-pin ribbon cable and a small PCB adapter. You need to solder the wires from the adapter to the JTAG points on the device. You can find the JTAG pinouts for different devices on RIFF Box FAQ.[^2^]

  • Select the connection parameters and voltage levels according to the device specifications. You can use the "Auto FullFlash Size Detection" option to detect the memory size automatically.[^2^]

  • Click "Connect" button to establish communication with the device. You should see a green message saying "Connected OK". If not, check your wiring and connection settings.[^2^]

How to Use JTAG Manager for RIFF Box?

To use JTAG Manager for RIFF Box, you can perform various operations depending on your needs. Here are some examples:

  • To backup the device memory, click "Backup" button and select the memory regions you want to save. You can also choose the file format and compression level. The backup files will be saved in your selected folder.[^2^]

To restore the device memory, click "Restore" 29c81ba772


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