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Flower Epi 04

Flower Epi 04 ->>>

Silica regained some hope when Kirito explains to her that it is possible to revive her partner with a special flower at the 47th Floor. However, she is soon discouraged when she realizes that the difficulty would be too high for her current level as well as there being a three day time limit to revive Pina. Feeling obligated for not being able to save her Tamed Monster, Kirito provided her with some sturdier equipment to increase her protection, and partnered with Silica to retrieve the flower. Kirito would have gotten it himself, however the presence of the deceased pet's owner was required for the item to appear. Silica asked him why he helped her and, after she promised not to laugh at his response, Kirito says that she reminds him of his sister, which caused Silica to burst into laughter.

However, when returning with the item, Kirito sensed a group of players waiting to ambush them, and told Silica to get her teleport crystal out. Rosalia, who Kirito revealed to be the leader of Titan's Hand guild, appeared, and demanded them to give up the flower. When Silica wondered how Rosalia could be a member of an orange guild if she had a green cursor, Kirito explained that this was a simple trick, where players like her find targets for the orange members of the guild. Kirito then told Rosalia that he was looking for her, under the request of a leader of the fallen guild, the Silver Flags, who wanted her and her guild to be sent to jail. The other members then came out of hiding, with their weapons at the ready.

Afterwards, Kirito and Silica returned to the Weathercock Pavilion. There, Kirito apologized for ending up using her as bait to lure the orange guild, revealing that he was afraid that if he had told her the truth beforehand, she would have been scared, but she denied it, stating that he was a good person. Silica wanted to join him, but their levels were too far apart, and Kirito needed to return to the front lines. Under Kirito's prompt, Silica used the flower on Pina's Heart, thinking of how she would tell Pina about her one-day adventure with Kirito.

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Just then, Hitagi attempts to cross the road, but is held back by Koyomi. After berating him for touching her, Hitagi notes that there's a bouquet of flowers across the street. Both deduce that there was a traffic accident that happened here recently, and Koyomi guessed that the victim was hit because of the bouquet. The bouquet reminded Hitagi of a "scary story" regarding a similarly-placed flower on top


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